A road trip

A road trip

The following images were mainly taken from a moving van during a huge road trip across the Nullarbor Plains of South Australia – 6,000km of vast open spaces with gnarly gum trees reaching skyward.  Trees would have to be my most favorite thing in nature and I was not disappointed, in fact I was in heaven.


Signs of farm life often became noticed in post production as in this image, enhanced by the autumn colours and dramatic clouds. Magic.



Water is a very scare resource in the outback with many of the water tables drying up, crippling farms – some have not had rain for 15 years. The landscape dotted with windmills, hoping to pull up some water from the ground.


Road trains (large trucks with trailers, sometimes 3!) rule the highways. Here a truckie makes his way back to his at a road house stop half way across the Nullarbor Plains, extraordinary light towards the end of the day and miles of nothing all around.





Along the Great Ocean Road tracking the south coast of Australia, were many amazing tourist stops, this being one called ‘The Grotto’. Climbing down steps carved into the edge of the land you arrive at this quiet sanctuary of still sea water resting in a small rocky basin: a small reprieve from the eternal crashing of ocean meeting land seen here just beyond the Grotto.


At the end of the Plains we rested at a gorgeous rural caravan park in Esperance where I found this creek bordered with ghostly white gumtrees reflected like mirrors in the still water, begging for some monotone images.


And finally, we saw sunsets that lasted forever. This one lingered on for well over 2 hours, a fitting curtain call to the end of the Plains.